Sports fans want to experience the action as it happens—wherever they are. With the growth of online streaming and mobile viewing, it’s easier than ever for fans to watch their favorite team on their phone, laptop, or any connected device. However, online video streaming is often delayed from the live action by 30 seconds or more. This can lead to spoiler alerts for fans watching online. No one wants to learn of big plays on social media or from the reaction of cheering neighbors before viewing the action. Limelight Realtime Streaming ensures your online fans experience the action in realtime—just as if they were there.


Unlike television broadcasting where transmission signal paths are reliable and viewer latency can be consistently minimized, online streaming relies on the internet where conditions can continually fluctuate. To overcome this challenge, traditional online HTTP-based video streaming protocols such as HLS and MPEG-DASH segment the video into “chunks” that are created and buffered before they are played by the viewer. While this leads to a more reliable online viewing experience, it also introduces latencies that delay the live video stream. Although it is possible to decrease the latencies by reducing the chunk size of the video segments, traditional HTTP-based streaming protocols are unable to provide the realtime experiences fans expect. Other streaming formats such as Flash have also been used to deliver faster online video streams, but the need for viewers to install special browser plug-ins creates potential security issues that ultimately led to Flash being retired. Delivering true realtime sports streaming requires a new approach.


With Limelight Realtime Streaming, live sports events can be streamed from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world, with less than one second of latency—all with the high quality and availability your fans expect. It is the first scalable solution that delivers realtime live video to sports fans everywhere using open technology that’s supported on standard web browsers without the use of special plug-ins.


Limelight Realtime Streaming uses industry-standard WebRTC technology to stream live video to fans with less than one second of latency through the fast and efficient UDP data transfer protocol. Video streams do not need to be segmented into chunks and buffered before they are viewed. WebRTC is natively supported in all major web browsers without needing special plug-ins or custom applications. Limelight Realtime Streaming leverages Limelight’s global private network which has the capacity, reach, and connectivity to ensure a high-quality, realtime viewing experience for fans—wherever they are.


In addition to live global sub-second video delivery, Limelight Realtime Streaming provides numerous tools and capabilities to help you maximize the value of your online streams. Adaptive Bitrate streaming delivers the highest possible picture quality to each viewer, even over changing network conditions, ensuring every fan has the best possible online experience and keeps coming back for more. Integrated content security and access control capabilities make it easy to stop unauthorized viewing of your live streams, including the ability to block access to streams by geolocation. Analytics are available to help you understand how and where your content is being viewed and better engage your audience. You can even create custom applications that share live data such as game statistics in addition to the live video and allow viewers to provide realtime feedback such as voting for the player of the match.


Limelight Realtime Streaming includes the following capabilities:

  • Realtime Video Delivery—Stream video to fans anywhere in the world in under 1 second.
  • Viewers Receives the Highest Possible Picture Quality—Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming automatically optimizes picture quality for each viewer’s available bandwidth and network conditions.
  • Configurable Streaming Options to Support Different Devices—Define a custom bitrate and resolution up to 3 Mbps per stream to meet your specific needs.
  • Video Can Be Viewed Using Standard Web Browsers—Live streams can be viewed in standard web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari , Microsoft Edge, and Opera—without the need for special plug-ins.
  • Highly-Resilient Video Playback —Audio-priority streaming allows audio to continue to play if bandwidth drops and video freezes. RTMP and HLS video fallback available to support older legacy devices.
  • Redundant Ingest Capability—Multipoint ingest of your video stream provides seamless failover to a backup location for added resiliency.
  • Prevent Unauthorized Access to Your Video —Several methods are available to restrict access to video including geo-blocking based on viewer location, IP whitelist and black list control, URL tokenization, and SSL encryption.
  • On-Demand Streaming Capability —Streams can be easily configured, started, and stopped through programmatic APIs and a self-configuration portal for flexible scheduling.
  • Integrated Analytics for Decision Making—Robust usage data is available to help you make strategic business decisions.
  • Develop Your Own Interactive Applications—Limelight Realtime Streaming’s sub-second latency enables you to create interactive applications that share live data with viewers and lets them provide realtime feedback such as voting, chat, and more.

Define a custom bitrate and resolution up to 3 Mbps per stream to meet your specific needs.


Limelight Realtime Streaming helps you bring online fans into the live action. By delivering live global video streaming with less than a second of delay, fans can confidently watch the action online, at home, or on the go without worrying about spoilers from fans watching the broadcast feed. Limelight provides the tools and capabilities you need to grow your online fanbase and provide an interactive viewing experience like never before.


To learn more about how the Limelight Realtime Streaming can help you provide the best online experiences to your fans, please email info@llnw.com, or call 1-602-850-5000.