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Ever-increasing Demand for Broadcast-Quality Video on Any Device, Globally


Limelight Video Delivery Services

GoChina TV: Delivering Exceptional Video Experience to a Global Audience with Limelight Networks

GoChina TV delivers Mandarin-language content to audiences within China and across the globe. With over two million subscribers, GoChina TV operates over 300 channels on global internet portals and video sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. Subscribers can choose from Chinese drama, video on-demand, arts, anime, tourism, and more.

Challenge: Ever-increasing Demand for Broadcast-Quality Video on Any Device, Globally

GoChina TV distributes on-demand video content in Mandarin to its subscribers in 220 countries and regions. As GoChina TV expands its operations, they needed a new partner that could provide the best broadcast-quality video experience to their subscribers, regardless of the locations and devices used. “We require a high-performance platform that is end-to-end, intuitive, reliable, and that can scale with us as we expand globally,” says CEO John Yin.

“Choosing Limelight was easy, especially with the trial experience that showed us exactly what we’d get when we signed on. The proactive support and competitive pricing were fantastic, and the performance of the platform was superior to the other CDNs that we’ve tried.”


Solution: Limelight Video Delivery Services

To provide the best viewing experience for their growing over-the-top (OTT) subscriber base, GoChina TV selected Limelight Video Delivery Services. Essential features Limelight offers include:

Reliable performance

As demand for video quality continues to grow around the globe, GoChina TV needs to provide a consistent, flawless video experience at all times, on all devices.


As a rapidly-growing video provider, GoChina TV requires a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that is able to support their increasing subscriber base and content.

Global reach

A key factor in the selection process was the bandwidth and reach of Limelight’s global private network, which can meet unpredictable demand at any time of the day.

Superior customer service

Limelight’s local technical and account management team has provided a superior onboarding and support experience, enabling GoChina TV to easily transition through the implementation phase without disruption to its service or its viewers’ experience.

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