Ericsson and Limelight: Partners at the Edge

Blog Post

March 8th, 2019

Work is underway to integrate our network with Ericsson as part of our strategic alliance to collaborate on content delivery and edge cloud services. The Ericsson initiative, along with our efforts to expand our existing network, should result in significant expansion this year. This will boost Limelight’s delivery capabilities globally and increase our delivery capacity in strategic areas for our customers worldwide.


At Ericsson's Global Edge Forum at Mobile World Congress last month in Barcelona, Limelight CEO Bob Lento spoke on the partnership and shared the stage with Swisscom and Fox to discuss Edge Computing trends, ideas and experiences.


Why the edge? By providing computing capabilities close to the user or device, edge computing addresses rapidly increasing data demands and subscriber experience expectations through distributed infrastructure, while maintaining high quality and high performance. Use cases where latency is a challenge such as IoT, gaming, and distributed applications are set to benefit.


Limelight is always looking for ways to improve the performance and reach of its network. The strength of Ericsson’s partnerships with communications service providers through the UDN Network is a key component of the partnership and will enable Limelight to offer even better reach and performance for customers. This deal has further strategic importance as aligns us with the industry leader in the deployment of 5G, which we expect will accelerate the need for edge services worldwide.


For more information on the Ericsson and Limelight partnership, see TechNative’s interview with Limelight’s Steve Miller Jones at Mobile World Congress 2019.